Overseas Drop Shipping

Let’s face it. In today’s marketplace, the larger companies are acquiring their competitors, and some independents have started their own importing of products. But what if neither of these apply to you. Meaning, you’re not being acquired, and you’re not importing? You are the company in the middle, that will have to fight it out with larger corporations or razor sharp importers leaving you crushed in the middle. Do not let Big Brands tell you that you cannot do it because you do not have “the right people in the right places” to cover aspects of food safety, accountability, and traceability. We got you covered on all aspects We are here to help you grow.

We have a network of manufacturers across the globe that have been personally vetted with physical site visits by our own team an enkay, and third party inspections by accredited bodies to make sure we have reliable and trustworthy partners that aim at the highest standards of food safety and sourcing practices.

If you have never thought about bringing in your own line of products, let’s chat. We will go over all the aspects of what it takes to import, and take care of all the necessary work for you. All you have to do is select the product line and increase your market share. Together, we are the difference.

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