Our Vision

To serve our planet and all of God’s creations that make our home a beautiful place. We aim to keep it that way with cutting edge innovation and true green solutions.

Our Mission

To offer every business an opportunity to find true green solutions. We believe, together, we are the difference.

Our Values

To live a God-centered life, knowing full well to whom everything belongs, we move forward in that reverence in all aspects of our service.


Laser focus on

Eco-friendly Supplies

Our family business did not start out Eco Friendly. Quite frankly, when I had joined the company in 2011, I had no clue why we (En Kay) were doing what we were doing! All I knew is that we were traders, buying and selling goods… but why? For what purpose?

It was through self discovery, reading, and introspection that allowed me to take a look at my personal values that I hold outside of business, which in a nutshell is tuned to living with nature. This was my “Ah Ha!” moment! I knew at that point, that in order to live truly with my values, I would also have to imbibe my personal values into the company, to also live with nature.

Incidentally the name En Kay, stems from a deep spiritual meaning. En = “N” – which stands for my father’s name Narendra, and Kay = “K” – which stands for Krishna (God). In other words, when my father started the company, he went in to partnership with the Lord.

It is with a humble and spiritual foundation that we move forward as a company, to join hands with you, our valued partners, to provide the best Eco Friendly supplies to our communities.

We Geek Out Over Food Packaging

Explore our YouTube channel FoodPackaging TV for the latest in industry news, innovation, and of course, food packaging!


With the support of our dedicated partners, we are able to deliver the right product at the right price with world class service.


Variety of Categories

We have focused our efforts to provide you the largest range of Eco-Friendly supplies from the best brands in the market, so you don’t have to worry about pulling in minimum orders from individual manufacturers and tying up your space and capital. Save your time, effort, by letting us build out your orders with the flexibility of choosing different brands / products on one pallet -- making us your one stop eco-friendly shop!

What Our Clients Say