Why We Exist

Our purpose is to be of service to Humanity and Our Divine Mother Earth. If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.
We have chosen. If you are reading this, so have you.

Welcome To enkay

Our mission is to offer every business an opportunity to find true green solutions. We believe, together, we are the difference.

We are constantly adjusted to the ever evolving market place to source and offer true eco friendly solutions with speedy and professional service. We take great honor in servicing our customers, as we realize our strength is performing to highest level of ethics to foster an environment based on honesty, transparency, and accountability.

Our Story

Our business did not start out being Eco-Friendly, rather it was a process of personal introspection and making a deeper spiritual connection and bringing our personal perspectives in line with nature. This is when we made real changes within our business to reflect our ongoing beliefs and values. We draw inspiration and guidance in all that we do respecting the wisdom and values from our family and spiritual beliefs. For this we are truly thankful as it is the foundation to our success.


Our Products

We’re not jack of all trades. We focus solely on Eco Friendly Solutions. We understand that not business are ready to make a move to an all out compostable product offer, and therefore we offer a variety of products to help move your customer one step in the right direction towards your sustainable goals.

Combine products from Big Brands, Importers and our House Brands to build your pallet size orders without worrying about minimums from a Big Brand and tying up your cash flow, making us your one stop shop.

Be True Green. #Not50ShadesOfGreen