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TOUCH - [12-113] - 8" x 8" BAGASSE MEAL CONTAINER - 200/CS

TOUCH - [12-113] - 8" x 8" BAGASSE MEAL CONTAINER - 200/CS

Description: Touch 8"x 8" - Biodegradable Hinged Lid Container [12-133]
Colour: White
Dimension: 8" x 8" | 19cm x 21cm
Packing: 50/PK x 4PK/CS [200/CS]

Features & Benefits:

  • Wonderful for Combo Meals! Superb for base of rice or noodles with your favourite toppings! 
  • Perfect for Chinese, Mexican, and Jamaican Cuisine!
  • 3 Compartment Great for various Delicious Cuisines + Combo Ideas!
  • Greener than ever! Made from Bagasse; a residual sugarcane fibre which is pressed and baked to make a strong material very similar to wood pulp. 
  • Bagasse are grease and moisture resistant!
  • Designed to meet both quality expectations and ecological concerns!
  • This packaging is recyclable and printed with vegetable inks.