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Rubbermaid - 1861427 - Executive Janitorial Cleaning Cart - High Security

Rubbermaid - 1861427 - Executive Janitorial Cleaning Cart - High Security

Description: Rubbermaid - Executive Janitorial Cleaning Cart - High Security
Features & Benefits:

  • Provides additional security and privacy with preassembled locking hood and doors.
  • 7.25-CUBIC-FOOT STORAGE CAPACITY offers 40% more space than traditional carts so user spends less time retrieving supplies and more time completing the task at hand
  • COMPACT SIZE fits great in space-constrained areas
  • DURABLE 8" BALL BEARING WHEELS AND QUIET 4" CASTERS makes manuverablity easy and quiet for workers.
  • EXPANSIVE STORAGE SPACE removable bins and caddies let staff restock before they clean, increasing productivity by eliminating search time for additional supplies. Add additional bins, caddies, and pails.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE HANDLES AND REMOVABLE PLATFORM allow user to easily expand or reduce the footprint of the cart to meet specific cleaning and storage needs.
  • JOINT COMMISSION-COMPLIANT to meet Environment of Care Standard 3.10.3 with locking doors and hood.
  • MOP BUCKET PLATFORM WITH SECURING GROOVES keeps WaveBrake® or microfiber charging buckets securely attached to cart.
  • PREASSEMBLED LOCKING SECURITY HOOD speeds up assembly and ensures all products will be secure.
  • RUBBER TOOL GRIPS AND HOOKS securely hold up to 5 stick goods, while hooks hold up to 4 safety signs.
  • SECURE CABINET DOORS keep cleaning supplies concealed from view and locked up when carts are unattended.
  • with a high capacity-to-footprint ratio, only 22" wide.