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Jumbo Catering Boxes - 25/BD - Shrinkwrapped, White.

Jumbo Catering Boxes - 25/BD - Shrinkwrapped, White.

Description: Jumbo Catering Box, Shrinkwrapped in bundles of 25!
Packing: 25/BD


Unfolded Dimension: 43.14" x 30.04"
Folded Dimensions: 21" x 13.01" x 3.15"

Features & Benefits:

  • Give Your Customers A Better Experience!
  • No More Getting Burned!
  • No More Dropping Trays!
  • No More Messy Trays Leaking In Your Car!
  • Keep Food Warm & Safe To Destination!
  • Safe & Professional Way To Transport Your Food!
  • Shrinkwrapped to keep your catering boxes clean during transport and storage!
  • Brand Your Very Own Catering Box! We Do Custom Printing! 

Catering Configurations: 

  • One Full Size Deep Tray + Serving Utensils 
  • Two Half Size Deep Trays + Serving Utensils
  • Four Half Size Shallow Trays + Serving Utensils
    (see Regular Catering Box for more configurations)