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Foam Plate - 9" - DYNETTE - 500/CS

Foam Plate - 9" - DYNETTE - 500/CS

Description: CKF - 9" Foam Plate - Dynette
Packing: 125/PK x 4PK/CS [500/CS]
Dimension: 9"

Features & Benefits:

  • Make clean-up quick and easy while still serving your guests using quality products with CKF's Dynette 9" non-laminated white foam plates. 
  • These plates are also lighter than plastic dinnerware, yet are also strong and durable, capable of holding a full meal without bending, cracking, and breaking. 
  • Non-absorbent foam construction prevents liquids from leaking. 
  • The plates are insulated to reduce heat transfer, and keep cold dishes cold throughout service! 
  • Their rim pattern adds pizzazz to any catering event, restaurant, or hotel buffet line, while their classic white coloring makes for a timeless appearance. 
  • This CKF product is made without chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), making it not only great for your guests, but great for the environment!