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Caterware - 12" Black Flat - [9812K] - 50/Cs

Caterware - 12" Black Flat - [9812K] - 50/Cs

Description: Caterware Black Flat
Packing: 50/cs
Color: Black
Lid: P9812

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to assemble tray and dome  
  • Maintains a secure closure even if the dome gets cracked 
  • Seating Grooves 
  • Form an integral part of the rim design which allows for easy alignment and quick closure 
  • Secure Nesting 
  • Keeps stacked trays from shifting during transportation 
  • Rigid Sidewalls Provide exceptional strength for stackability 
  • Opening Tab 
  • Facilitates quick and easy opening without disturbing food 
  • Strong, High-Impact Material Provides optimal support 
  • Clear Dome Lid Contemporary design, great view of food 
  • High-Gloss Black Finish Gives an upscale appearance 
  • Wide Variety of Sizes Provides a tray for every application 
  • Cost-Effective Economical alternative to permanent ware