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BlackThali - The Black Edition Thali - 200/CS

BlackThali - The Black Edition Thali - 200/CS

Description: BlackThali - 6 cavity take-out tray with lid.
Packing: 200/CS
Colour: Black Base & Clear Lid

The Design:
Mercedes-Benz, Black Edition. BMW, Black Edition. Aston Martin, Black Edition.  Thali, Black Edition. That's right, you have just come across the Black Edition Thali, we call BlackThali. 
We have designed this thali with the collaboration of Indian foodservice restaurateurs and our design engineering team to come up with a solution that would obtain the following efficiencies:

i) Ease of Use for the operator

ii) Portion Control

iii) No Leak between compartments

iv) No Leak outside perimeter

No Leak Design: Have a look at our demonstration of our no leak feature

Portion Control:  Our portions are set as follows:

Large Portion: 10oz ( x 1)
Medium Portion: 8oz ( x 1) 
Small Portion: 4oz ( x 4)

Customer Benefits:

The inside corners of our compartments are what we call “spoonable corners", which means the end user has a better experience eating the restaurants' food, as they do not have to fight the corners, making it an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing meal to eat. 


1. What is the temperature tolerance of the Thali (with and without lid)

Answer : The OPS base is able to sustain microwave temperatures, it will not work in the oven.

PET will not sustain high temperatures, its able to go up to 75 degrees at maximum.

2. Are we able to offer embossing on the lid?  And if so, what would that involve

Answer : We are certainly able to emboss logos on the lid for you. That would involve a minimum quantity, usually we would ask for a minimum volume of 25 000 units.