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Topics Covered: 

  1. Contract & Tender Pricing  
  2. Custom Prints
  3. Defective Products 
  4. Payment Methods 
  5. Pick Up Specials
  6. Price Match
  7. Pricing for Resale
  8. Restocking Fees
  9. Return of Merchandise
  10. Shipping [National | International] 
  11. Special Product Request (Special Order)

Have a question not answered? Email us:   We'd be glad to help!

  1. Do you offer Contract Pricing? 
    • We would love the opportunity to bid on your Tender and/or Contract and provide the best service and price! Please do email us with subject header "Tender RFQ" to

  2. What if I want to print my logo on the products that I buy? 
    • Now we're talking! Essentially, we'll take you through the process step-by-step, so you can better understand how we arrive at the quantities and pricing that will guarantee to have your brand stand out from the rest! 
    • Not all items are have a print and/or emboss option, but we can take this on a case by case basis. Please do email us with subject header "Custom Print RFQ" to and will contact you within 48 hours.

  3. My product seems to be defective, what do I do?
    • Seen that before, that can happen from time to time. But not to worry =) Our Manufacturers proudly stand behind the integrity of their products, and should the defective be genuine, we will most happily replace the item(s).

  4. Can I pay your driver by cheque? 
    • To keep things simple, we only accept PayPay, Cash, VISA, Mastercard, Debit & American Express.  

  5. Do you offer any special pricing for Pick Up Orders?
    • We always have In Store Flyers with walk-in specials only.  Unfortunately, we do not give our walk-in special prices over the phone.

  6. Do you offer Price Matching? 
    • We will match out pricing on same product SKU's with a valid competitors flyer and/or current dated invoice*

  7. If I wanted to buy for Re-sale purposes, do you offer a volume based price structure?
    • Absolutely! We would be more than happy to discuss a Re-Distribution program with you.  You would have to make an appointment with us, and tell us the SKU's you're interested in, and the volume you would be consuming on a monthly basis per SKU.

  8. Do you charge a Restocking Fee?
    • We believe in creating a Hassle-Free Return, and part of our service is to be generous as we can be.  It just makes good business sense. Oh, incase we weren't clear about it, we do not charge a restocking fee =) Hooray!! 

  9. How do I Return something I bought online? 
    • No Problem! Give us a call @ 416.292.8495, and obtain a Return Authorization Number.  From there, you can either ship the goods back to our facility, or bring them to our warehouse in person.  
    • NOTE: For any items returned that are Food Service related, we will perform a QA audit on the product(s), for Food Safety purposes, and therefore we cannot take back any packages that are open, and/or not in "saleable condition"** for sanitary reasons.
    • A full return will be given once the goods have been received and checked for QA on premises within 48 hours. 

  10.  Do you ship Nationally and/or Internationally? 
    • We can ship anywhere, world wide!  Once you have selected your item(s), please give us a call with the Ship To Address, and can provide you a competitive rate via UPS. 

  11. I'm looking for a specific product and I don't see it on your website, would you order it for me? 
    • It would be our pleasure! Let us know as much product detail as you can, including manufacturer, SKU, size, dimensions, etc. And we will do our level best to see what we can source for you. Please email us with subject header "Product Source RFQ" to and we would be more than happy to help fulfill your needs! 

* - price matching can only be offered where applicable. Same products often have different points of origin, and therefore price may vary.
** - saleable condition, meaning the box is clean, not torn, does not have any stains and/or discolouration on the packaging.