Is Your Restaurant Using a Delivery Service Like UberEats or SkipTheDishes?

If you are, there’s an additional cost to these services that you might not have thought of…

Many owners of restaurants have seen significant increases in sales after signing up with a delivery service such as UberEats or SkipTheDishes. Some restaurant owners have up to 4 tablets sitting next to their POS taking in orders!

Although they charge a hefty percentage, they’re giving the opportunity to expose your food to a larger audience. Great!

However, there’s one additional ‘cost’ that you might not have thought when using these services.

The food delivery companies often provide you with free bags (and sometimes other food packaging) with their name and logo on it.

Don’t get me wrong, getting free bags and containers is great. Heck, getting anything free these days is huge. We feel like a million bucks if we win a cup of coffee from the roll up the rim campaigns!

The problem is that these free items are costing you thousands of valuable branding opportunities. Something you could be doing for less than $1.  

Have you thought about using your own branded bags and containers? It’s less expensive than you might think.

What’s the Price?

An average delivery order might consist of 2-4 containers and 1-2 bags. It’s likely even less than this, maybe 1-2 containers and 1 bag but let’s say it’s a party of 4 for this example.

On a per customer basis, you’re spending roughly $0.15 – $0.35 on foam hinged containers + white plastic shopping bags or $0.50 cents – $1.50 on microwavable containers + kraft paper handled shopping bags per delivery order (for the party of 4 example using standard stock products, nothing branded).  The cost for branded items would be: $0.20 – $0.40 on foam hinged containers + white shopping bags OR $0.60 – $1.85, respectively.

What’s the Cost?

Wait what? I know you’re thinking the cost is right above.

But is it really? What I really want you to think about is what it’s costing you to use the free bags and containers.

It’s more than a mere $1.50, that’s for sure.

Consider what happens once the delivery order leaves your restaurant and makes its journey into the customers’ hands – the walk from the restaurant to the driver’s car/bike or on the way up to the condo/home/office.

There may be various sets of eyes seeing that branded bag carrying the food and you know what those people think when they see the UberEats bag ”Oh yeah, UberEats, I should check them out tonight to sort out dinner.”

The reality is that companies like UberEats and SkipTheDishes know that getting in front of their potential customers’ eyes is very important, especially considering the fierce competition. They know that they can get the most bang for their bang for buck by having their brand seen over and over, especially at the point of contact where the customer receives the food order.

When you use their branding all over your orders, who do you think the customer is going to think of first the next time they place an order? I bet you it won’t be the name of your restaurant.  

Branding is a Very Low Cost Way to Advertise Your Restaurant

Consumers these days require social validation. They want to see that others are using your product or in this case, eating your food. Custom branding your bags shows thousands of people that others are ordering your food.

Every time you have an order for takeout, a catering event, or delivery pick up service, it is your duty as the brand ambassador for your restaurant, to make sure that every pair of eyes that are eating your food or see your food being delivered, know exactly where it’s from.

The next time your customers feel hungry and decide to place an order, you want them to think about your food as last experience of what they ate when they ordered out, not UberEats or SkipTheDishes.

To find out more about how to get your bags or takeout containers branded, get in touch with us.

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