Industries we serve

enkay offers innovative and the most eco-friendly food packaging solutions to companies and food businesses across different industries to fulfill every kind of need. And if you are not satisfied with what the market has to offer, we custom design your packaging from scratch, building it as per your specifications and requirements.


The quality of our products, durability, appearance and customer service we offer is akin to a boutique shop, as we take extreme care with our clients. We serve a wide cross-section of industries including:


It is really important for food businesses to go beyond just focusing on food. With attention focused on delivery solutions and quick grab’n’go options, cafe’s, restaurants, bakeries, and caterers can deliver an experience that customers won’t forget. We are here to provide the best solutions to help you deliver that.


We support schools in their mission and efforts to become environment friendly with their selection of earth friendly hand soaps to their meal programs by offering customized solutions. Eco-friendly products are not only good for the planet but is also 100% safe for kids to utilize. Sooner they start, the sooner they learn.


Our made-from-plants products are great for temples and other places of worship that are looking for foam alternatives or just want to use earth friendly products inside their premises to fulfill spiritual obligations.


An exceptional experience and guest satisfaction is what we focus on when it comes to the hospitality industry. To deliver this premium value we provide innovative products and an unmatched service.


We take pride in creating solutions that not only helps the healthcare industry deliver safe and hygienic meal services through patient meal delivery or even staff/visitor cafeterias, but also in the most eco-friendly way possible.

We are incredibly lucky to work with partners in a variety of industries who share our commitment to great work and look forward to working with you soon!