sustainability at ENKAY

At enkay, we believe in leading by example. We believe charity begins at home. And so, we started small with our in-house sustainability efforts.

We continuously look for ways to make a meaningful and lasting environmental impact.

Waste Reduction

Our in-house composting feature is a huge step in our initiative towards sustainability. We segregate waste on floor, utilize various composting bins to make our workspace zero waste zone

Route Optimization

Our shipping schedule is not etched in stone and is optimized every week depending on the requirements. We ensure that we combine our service areas and max out on our logistics while taking care of our customer’s delivery needs


Our ongoing process is focussed on educating our customers through entertainment. Every Monday, our CEO, Elesh P talks about what sustainability means in the business of food packaging and why it is more important than ever. Join us for a chat on our YouTube channel – FPTV (Food packaging TV)

Affiliate Partnership

Waste management is a complex issue that requires expertise. We rely on our affiliate partner Rethink Resource to provide our customers the knowledge and skill that they need to recycle and compost their waste

Green Sourcing

One of the strongest strategic decisions we have made is our commitment to our environment, by discontinuing the sourcing of foam products, and have made a conscious decision to help move our customers #onstep closer towards sustainability. (Check out our product material here)